Thirsty for hype fashion? Having FOMO, yet always missing out? We got you, fam. Our team will ghost scalpers so everyone has a fair chance. No cap.


We are Swagr 

The truth is that fashion drops are broken.

You know what we're talking about: the chances of copping are close to  nil. What's worse, they are a goldmine for scalpers.

The real fans like you miss out. We've all been there—and it sucks. But what if we told you there was another way?

Swagr rewards the loyal ones. Drip your style, cop that drop, trade them gains, and create phygital fashion with our tribe.

How it Works

Drip your Style

Winners against winners. Fight for street cred by flexing your fashion or other skills. Think TikTok on steroids for hype fashion, where anyone can become a trendsetter.

Influencers monetise votes and content. Viewers vote for the hottest trends before normies catch on. The more active you are - or the more viral you go - the bigger your odds in a drop.


Cop that Drop

If you value fairness, our gamified raffles are for you. Gone are the day of black boxes: transparency is what Swagr is all about. Participate in our tribe and get more tickets - simple as that.

If you value skill, try your luck at our quick-finger auctions. They're fast and furious - Vin Diesel would approve. What's more, if you win, you cop at ridiculously below retail prices.


Trade that Swag

When you cop, you also get a digital version of the fashion piece that can be worn on your avatar to increase chances in drops. Build out your digital wardrobe, or trade for gains.

Trendsetters can engage with fans via their profile. Creators get rewarded for good content and virality. In return, fans get special access to the creators they love.


Design your Fashion

Making it as a designer is tough. Swagr acts as a launchpad. In our design challenges, the wisdom of the crowd votes for the designs, so even unknown designers stand a chance.

Through knock-out tournaments, designers compete for prizes. Those that float to the top, share in the prize pool and get a revenue share on their winning fashion designs.


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